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Clerk's Department

Benita Davis
Ext. 19

Veronica Caplinger
Elections Clerk
Ext. 10

Penny Simpson
Deputy Clerk
Ext. 20

Duties of the Clerk’s Office

Statutory Duties:

Maintains custody of all township records
Records and maintains township meeting minutes, posts all meeting
Keeps township book of oaths and administers oaths
Keeps township ordinance book
Maintains the general ledger
Prepares warrants for township checks and signs all checks
Prepares financial statements
Prepares tax certificates to supervisor prior to September 30th
Appoints a deputy clerk
Approves contracts
Serves on assigned committees

Administers all Elections:

Plans, organizes and oversees election activities
Keeps voter registration files and conducts elections
Makes address and name changes to current voters
Cancels voters when they move or become deceased
Issues voter ID cards to all voters
Maintains voter master cards with signatures for all registered voters
Updates voter history for all voters after each election
Processes absentee ballots
Prepares voting devices
Supply precincts with necessary supplies for election day
Proofs ballots
Coordination of facilities for polling locations
Trains Election Inspectors
Issues, validates, and certifies petitions for local candidates and issues
Relocates precinct boundaries.

Non Statutory Duties:

Township's FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) Coordinator
Administers liquor license permit applications
Administers solicitation permit program
Administers payroll, insurance, and all human resources
Answers the general township telephone lines
Notary Public
Coordinates the orders for supplies

Cemetery Administration:

Prepares and maintains records
Manages the sale of lots
Prepares lot deeds
Prepares legal documents for transfer of burial rights and other
documents related to cemetery operations
Maintains the cemetery grounds


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